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I offer services that help people dazzle readers,
crush their goals, and boost their writing skills.

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For professionals, businesses, nonprofits, and marketing studios seeking an exceptional storyteller for a short or long-term project.

For the person who wants feedback on their novel, memoir, or collection of short fiction/nonfiction.

I make notes directly on your manuscript, and also provide a 1–2 page, craft-focused report about what’s working and what can be improved in your piece.

Feedback might include specific suggestions to:

  • Re-organize your ideas

  • Remove sections

  • Add sections

For the person who wants an editor to take a magnifying glass to their paragraphs and sentences, then strengthen and clarify them.

I make edits using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, Google Docs’s Comments or Suggestions feature, or another app of your choosing.

My edits might include:

  • Splitting a paragraph in two, or uniting paragraphs

  • Changing or deleting sentences that are clunky, unclear, or clichéd

  • Tightening an inconsistent voice

  • Suggesting different words for a stronger emotional impact

  • Fixing grammar problems, such as incorrect verb tenses or unnecessary punctuation marks

For the person interested in a final inspection of their writing before they share it with the world.

This edit will include:

  • A basic fact check

  • A review of spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors

  • If applicable, a review for consistency with your style guide of choice (Chicago, AP, or an in-house style)

I teach the following classes at Gotham Writers Workshop:

Grammar I: The Basics
Grammar II: Expertise and Finesse
Business Writing

You can take these classes with me in New York City or long distance.

To learn more about how the classes work, the class content, and pricing, visit this page.

I travel to businesses, colleges, and high schools across the globe to lead workshops about communication, grammar, and business writing.

The workshops—which can be as short as 45 minutes or as long as 3 hours, and can be tailored to your group—contain a mix of engaging lessons and exercises that allow you to immediately practice your hand at what you’re learning.