I do edit business writing and nonfiction, which includes website copy, newsletters, brochures, blog posts, grants, bios, press releases, nonfiction books, memoirs (short and book-length), cover letters, résumés, and college applications.

I don’t edit academic work, i.e. writing submitted for a grade.

These are the three services I offer:

Developmental Editing

An edit that makes the most sense for a first draft, or an early draft.

My goal is to understand what you’re trying to say and who you’re saying it to, then give you detailed, craft-based feedback to improve the quality of your writing. You’ll receive a written analysis of your work and an hour-long phone call or Skype session with me.

The analysis will include:

  • What’s working well in your piece

  • Suggestions to re-structure paragraphs or chapters

  • Suggestions to cut/add text

  • Notes about plot, character development, dialogue, setting, pacing, voice, and point-of-view, if applicable


A mid-level edit for a developing draft.

I’ll hold a magnifying glass to your work—that is, inspect your paragraphs and sentences to make sure they’re as clear and compelling as possible—and will edit your content accordingly using Word’s Track Changes or a similar feature. You’ll also receive a short note with pieces of advice.

How I might edit your work:

  • Split a paragraph into chunks, or unite paragraphs

  • Play with sentences that are clunky, unclear, or cliched

  • Highlight areas in the piece where the voice is inconsistent, or help you revise a piece that lacks a voice altogether

  • Swap one word for another to make a stronger emotional impact

  • Correct grammatical problems—say, an incorrect verb tense, vague pronoun reference, or misused comma


An edit for a final draft.

Before you share your writing with the world, I’ll perform one last inspection for blemishes then polish your words to perfection. You’ll also receive a short note with pieces of advice.

How I might proofread your work:

  • Fix spelling mistakes

  • Add or delete spaces/punctuation marks

  • Fix such formatting errors as inconsistent margins, fonts, and headings

  • If applicable, make sure your writing is consistent with your style guide of choice (Chicago, AP, MLA, an in-house style, etc.)

For a free consultation, pop me a note anytime using the form below. You can also email me at hello@stephspector.me.

I’ll get back to you within three business days.

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